• MPE 12 Week Holistic Fitness & Personal Growth Program

    Want more of Haeley? This is the full MP Experience that will help you be consistent in your self-love and personal growth journey using a holistic approach. During weekly coaching calls and live workshops, together we uncover your limiting beliefs holding you back from your greatness, develop healthier habits and new ways of thinking, increase your emotional wellness and boost your body confidence all while becoming the strongest and most successful version of yourself.


    There is no better time than NOW.


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    At all ages we can benefit from an increase in our self-love and personal growth. If you identify as a Queen, then THIS is the guidebook you need to read and keep in your bookshelf as a resource and reference. Too many times too many of us let our own thinking be the reason we don’t have or aren’t doing. Too many times too many of us let our fears get in the way of reaching our desired potentials, even potentialities beyond belief. This is not another motivational book, this guidebook is that change that you’ve been subconsciously or consciously manifesting. This book will touch your heart and soul in ways you didn’t know were possible. This guidebook is your battery to ignite the light within you to shine light in your own darkness. It’s that fresh start, that guidance, and that helping hand. It’s that reminder to knowledge you may already know but have grown numb too. This book sheds light and new insights that provide you the space and freedom to increase your self-efficacy (self-believe). If you are ready like you say you are then take action. Grab your copy of this value packed guidebook, set intentional time to read the book, then start making small daily incremental moves. See you at the top Queen, oh ya, don’t forget to claim your crown on the way up. From one thriving Queen to another, your time is now and all things are possible!


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    I share a movement accountability poll DAILY to help you show up for yourself, be honest and stay consistent in your fitness journey.